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Visitors' Book
Visitors' Book
Visitors' Book
Visitors' Book


So, any questions? We'd love to hear from you.

Is my order confidential?
Yes, your order and all of your details remain completely confidential when you trade with us. We do not trade in client information. We do not ever discuss a client's business.
Pictures of work that appear on this site do so with the express permission of the respective client.

How can I make an order?
Just phone the Bindery - 01478 613 123 - it is always quicker!
If you know what you want, for the most part you can look at the prices under the various binding styles and email an enquiry or phone us.
If you are unfamiliar with types of books but have an idea of what you want - for example a visitors' book or a game book - then phone us to discuss your requirements and we'll guide you from the start.
If money is tight tell us your budget and what you are looking for and we can perhaps help you design a book for your purposes within that budget.

How long will my order take to complete?
For a single book, three weeks from the delivery of any leather.

Do you have an additional charge on rush orders?
Yes, 25% to cover unsocial hours working.

Do you service international orders?
Yes we do.

Why are your books so expensive? I can buy the same at John Lewis.
Laura West bespoke books are each individually hand bound with meticulous attention to detail.
Listening to our clients we use the most appropriate materials for any book's structure and those materials are of the best quality available. We follow acid free and archival standards across our range.
The methods of construction we use are reversible and unique artwork or ephemera bound into your book is always protected from the adhesives used in the binding structure itself.
We do not do book repair, conservation or fine binding.

I want a large landscape format book to match much older ledgers and visitors books. Is that possible at a reasonable cost?
As long as the inner pages are blank, this is not much of a problem. Bespoke headings and rules on pages need to be printed. However, landscape books require very large sheets of paper. With modern print methods (and presses) only large print runs are offered by those commercial printers who have large presses (and this gets pricey). For one book only, I suggest either a smaller landscape book or changing to a portrait format. The printing can then be digitally produced at a more reasonable cost.

Do you offer a discount?
Sometimes on materials, often on print, not on labour.

Why is paper so expensive?
Quality paper is becoming a niche product as demand falls and mills close.

How long do your books last?
Acid free, archival, reversible. How long have you got?

telephone:  01478 613 123

email:  books@laurawest.com