QEST Craft Scholar.
A pair of half bound journals in cloth and silk.
A rebound treatise on fishing.
A gilded visitor book.
A stack of hand-sewn text blocks.

Spring 2019

Three days of hands-on learning, welcoming both new and more experienced binders, in Logie Steading's bright and airy Long Room. These three related course strands run simultaneously as two lecturers will be on hand throughout.
April 25th - 27th 2019.  09:30 - 16:30

Leather Masterclass
Further to successful specialist classes in working with leather, another in a series of masterclasses. The course lasts three days and is limited to three students who wish to properly get to grips with leatherwork in bookbinding/box-making. The course will cover tool choices, thorough instruction in and practice of tool sharpening, leather work and finally practical application of the skills learned.

Please request a pre-workshop tools list so you know what to bring along to make the best use of this opportunity.

Learn the Basics
Make a range of hardcover books, a Journal, a Sketchbook and a Thesis binding. Especially useful in binding A4 sheets the Thesis binding will provide a safe home for family histories, essays, recipes, academic papers, etc.

The Usual Suspects
And as usual, anyone who wishes can pursue their own binding or book repair projects. Contact Laura in advance if you require certain colours/materials/tools for use in your project. Due to the complex nature of working with leather you must have completed an earlier Leather Masterclass.

For Book Repair help will be offered in restoring and stabilising your paper and cloth bound books and ephemera. The emphasis will be in seeking practical solutions to breathe new life into old favourites and to keep your old and worn-out books usable. If that isn't possible then guidance will be given in wrapping and boxing your books and documents to protect them against further damage.

Please note that this is not a conservation workshop.

For additional information on these workshops please contact either Laura or Logie Steading directly.